We’ve Crossed the Road Safely!

You may have noticed driving by this week that the Roashow said farewell to its old haunt across the drive from the Roadhouse, and has now “hitched” itself to the bar-wing of the Roadhouse. The Roadshow crew operated out of a make-shift trailer for a few days this week. All went smoothly. The crew would like to offer up a hearty thank you to all of the customers who were exceptionally patient as the espresso machine worked overtime to keep up with regular business.
The most exciting move-related information I have to share is this:

First, the Roadshow move made the Ann Arbor Observer this month! If you haven’t already, you’ll notice a note in the “Table Talk” section outlining some of the key changes you’ll see at the Roadshow over the next couple of months. Take a look when you have a chance.

Second, THE ROADSHOW HOURS ARE CHANGING. This is big news & I want your attention. Because of the changes coming up surrounding To Go, the Roadshow will be open later and have the same evening hours as the Roadhouse. This will eventually enable you to pick-up flavorful food from the Roadhouse without ever leaving your car! Their new hours are:

MON-THUR 6am-10pm
FRI 6am-11pm
SAT 7am-11pm
SUN 7am-9pm

Third, is this. It may seem obvious to most people, and even silly to mention. But, the traffic direction through the Roadshow will change. The window is now located on the other side of the drive-way, and traffic direction will need to switch sides. This is just a reminder to use extra caution and watch out for oncoming traffic as we work out the new traffic switch!

Thanks again for your endless patience and support.