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Italian Special Dinner: Buon Chanukah, with Rolando Beramendi



Cookbook author Rolando Beramendi will bring Old World tradition—and new olive oil—to the Roadhouse for Chanukah! Join us as we celebrate his new book, the harvest of olio nuovo, and Erev Chanukah, all in one really great event!

Chanukah is a festival of harvested light, and it also commemorates the harvest of olives. Ari Weinzweig reminds us that given the time of year, “the core of the Chanukah story—the miracle of the holy oil that burned for eight days—is pretty surely about new harvest olive oil.”

Olio nuovo is the new oil made from Italian olives harvested right before the holidays, and it will grace the dishes we will feature at this very special dinner on December 12th. Join us at the Roadhouse, as culinary archaeologist Rolando Beramendi sheds light on the beautiful green, peppery flavor of Tenuta di Capezzana on Erev Chanukah. The Capezzana estate has been making fine wines and extra virgin olive oil for nearly 1,200 years, and we will taste their new, freshly pressed harvest this year. What a beautiful gift of the season from Rolando!

The talented food importer has been bringing essential flavors of Italy to Americans through his company Manicaretti since 1988 by sourcing out regional, artisanal ingredients. The miraculous 5-course menu he has designed from his new cookbook Autentico: Cooking Italian, the Authentic Way will connect us with the very best of these ingredients at our Italian Special Dinner #218. Guided by Rolando’s expertise, we will explore dishes from this amazing book as they were meant to be prepared: simple, full-flavored, and autentico.



Vegetable crudités with new harvest Tenuta di Capezzana Olive Oil

Fettunta col Cavolo Nero
Toasted sliced bread rubbed with garlic, topped with chopped Tuscan black kale
and drizzled with new harvest Tenuta di Capezzana Olive Oil

Zuppetta di Farro con Colatura e Fiori di Oregano
Rustichella d’Abruzzo Farro soup with essence of anchovy and Gangi Dante crushed oregano blossom.
with new harvest Tenuta di Capezzana Olive Oil


Spaghetti alla Nicolina
With caramelized zucchini and new harvest Tenuta di Capezzana Olive Oil


Triglie di Scoglio alla Griglia con Pomodori Pachino Schiacciati e Cucunci
Chef’s selection of fish with sundried tomatoes, caperberries,
new harvest Tenuta di Capezzana Olive Oil


Parmigiano Reggiano
With Franca Franzoni chestnut honey


Torta di Capezzana
Extra virgin new harvest Tenuta di Capezzana Olive Oil cake
with Franca Franzoni chestnut honey and fruit syrup

Gelato di Pistacchio, Olio e Sale
Zingerman’s Creamery Pistachio Gelato with new harvest
Tenuta di Capezzana Olive Oil and Fleur de Sel sea salt

*Menu subject to change