The mixmasters behind the Roadhouse bar have done it again.


Donny's Element, a cocktail made with Créme de Cacao, Bulliet Bourbon, and Kahlúa.Nordic Fashioned, a cocktail made with Linie Aquavit, honey syrup, and Regan's Orange Bitters.










While we wait for the weather to turn, cozy up with a few favorite classics and fun concoctions that will warm your palate! Sip and savor innovative recipes like our sweet and citrusy Nordic Fashioned, or our rich and chocolatey Donny’s Element. Cheers to you, friends!

Donny’s Element  $13
Bulliet Bourbon • Kahlúa • Créme de Cacao • Calder’s Cream • Egg White

Ginger SNAP!  $9
Tito’s Vodka • Honey Syrup • Fresh Lime Juice • Fresh Ginger

Negroni  $10
Greyling Gin • Campari • Punt e Mes

The Dahlgren  $14
Sauza Tres Generaciones Tequila Plata  • Bogle Petite Sirah Port • Fresh Lime Juice •  Housemade Ginger Syrup • Angostura Bitters • Blenheim’s Spicy Ginger Ale

Nordic Fashioned  $10
Linie Aquavit • Housemade Honey Syrup • Orange Peel • Grapefruit Peel • Angostura Bitters • Regan’s Orange Bitters

Basil Bourbon Gimlet  $9
Evan Williams Black Label • Fresh Lime Juice • Simple Syrup • Fresh Basil

Sidecar  $10
Courvoisier V.S. • Cointreau • Fresh Lemon Juice

Templeton Old Fashioned  $12
Templeton Rye • Demerara • Orange Peel • Angostura Bitters

Vesper  $11
Boodles Gin • Tito’s Vodka • Lillet Blanc

Papa’s Dark n’ Stormy  $11
Papa’s Pilar Dark Rum • Fresh Lime Juice • Blenheim’s Spicy Ginger Ale • Angostura Bitters