All Roadhouse Memories

In 2023, we celebrated 20 years of great food and great service. Some of our favorite customers and Roadhouse lovers shared their personal experiences that we had the honor of helping create!

Constance… First Visit:

I love the Tomato dinners and the Harvest dinners over the years. So disappointed that there is not an heirloom tomato BLT on the menu, but when I asked the chef made one for me several times. Love that it has been 20 years!

What sets Roadhouse apart from others in Ann Arbor:

Marcy… First Visit: 2013

I had just moved to Ann Arbor, and came in for dinner. I was so blown away by the food and how good the service was, that I knew right then and there I wanted to work at Zingerman’s Roadhouse. I was hired in a few months later, and I’m still here after 10 years!

What sets Roadhouse apart from others in Ann Arbor: That we are so tied to our community. Thank you for your love and support Ann Arbor!!

Kelley… First Visit: 2012

My husband and I wanted to have a night out with a nice dinner and drinks, while also wanting to bring along our 1.5 year old and 3 year old with us where there would be food they would eat too and it'd be acceptable to make a little noise. Zingerman's Roadhouse was the obvious choice. We were having a great time – wonderful food, kids set up coloring and served quickly and no one caring about them getting in and out of their chairs. Then my son, the 1.5 year old, decides to take the salt shaker apart and dump it out all over the floor. He had impeccable timing to do this just as Ari walked by. My husband and I were mortified knowing Ari was the owner (even though he was filling up waters). Swiftly and calmly Ari got a little vacuum and swept up the salt, all the while chatting so pleasantly and assuring us, it was no big deal, that's why the vacuum was there. We have never been to a restaurant that is as family friendly while offering high quality, delicious food for everyone.

What sets Roadhouse apart from others in Ann Arbor: The food, the salt shakers, the family friendly environment with food everyone loves and drinks for parents, the brunches