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Uncle Joe Burroughs’ Whole Fried Catfish at the Roadhouse

Uncle Joe Burroughs’ Whole Fried Catfish at the Roadhouse

This has been a steady core menu dish at the Roadhouse since we opened. It’s been on my mind this fall for two reasons. First off, I’ve had a steady stream of really positive customer comments about it of late. The second reason it’s on my mind this holiday season is because Uncle Joe Burroughs passed away this summer.

I’m not sure where to start this story so I’ll just begin it with the opening of the Roadhouse in the fall of ’03 since that’s the first time we served catfish here at Zingerman’s. It’s a classic American dish so it makes sense that we’d put it on the menu and it was pretty popular right off the bat. That said, we knew too that it could be better, so I started asking around about it.

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East Coast Clams—Rolled, Raw & Steamed

If the lobster roll is the “king of clam shack offerings” then I’d have to assume that a fried clam sandwich must be the queen. I’ll just have to ask Jasper for his take on the royal rankings but when I talk to him next. But in the mean time, let’s just say that freshly fried clams are worth clamoring for. Whether on a plate with a few wedges of lemon and cocktail sauce, or better still (being the sandwich lover that I am) in the form of a clam roll.

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