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ExpLaurentide 201: A Creamery Cheese and Wine Tasting



Drink in Michigan wine with Laurentide Winery!

Do you love wine? How about cheese? Then we have just the event for you! Laurentide Winery returns on August 14th to teach us about how to taste wine with some of our favorite cheeses from Zingerman’s Creamery.

Susan and Bill Braymer of Laurentide Winery are excited to lead us on a sipping exploration that will show us how Laurentide wines perfectly express Michigan terroir. Creamery expert Tessie Ives will also join us to talk about the accompanying cheese selections. We know why they are perfect matches for the wines Laurentide is bringing, and we want to let you in on the secret! Be prepared to treat your palate to an unforgettable flavor experience while learning about why two of your favorite things taste better together.

Don’t forget to bring your friends so they can get in on the secret, too!


Tasting Menu

Fume Blanc 2017
With Creamery Berbere Spiced Goat Cheese

Reserve Chardonnay 2017
With Creamery Detroit St. Brick

Emergence White 2017
With Creamery Manistique

Riesling 2016
With Creamery Sharon Hollow Chive

Apera Dessert Wine
With Creamery Manchester 


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