Newly Released Pamphlet: Going into Business with Emma Goldman

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Newly Released Pamphlet: Going into Business with Emma Goldman

November 5, 2019 @ 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm


An essential, enriching event for the modern leader.

Business and anarchism have come together in one pamphlet to a create a philosophical framework for the 21st century. Ari Weinzweig’s newest release, Going Into Business with Emma Goldman: 18 Anarchist Lessons for Business and Life, offers insight into how the thoughts of a woman anarchist who lived a hundred years ago have relevance today. On the evening of Tuesday, November 5th, he will reveal how this is possible at one exclusive Roadhouse event.

Although she passed away in 1940 at the age of 70, Emma Goldman’s ideas continue to be cutting edge, a creative and caring approach for healthy business and life right now. It is no secret that Anarchism is the foundation of the philosophy behind Zingerman’s. In his new pamphlet, Ari talks about how his studies of Emma Goldman helped him create a successful business model that is committed to helping everyone it touches.

A recent article in The Irish Times mentions that “Zingerman’s anarchism…is about every employee feeling free to break hierarchical rank, and to innovate and take ownership of projects, large or small. They can implement improvements without seeking permission, as long as it is in service to the overall vision.”

It is Ari’s belief that “Emma Goldman’s time is now”. More than any other socially conscious thinker of her era, her work put forward a positive picture of the future, one in which building on the natural creativity, self-awareness, and a sense of social responsibility of human beings would create a future in which everyone comes out ahead.

Join us on November 5th for a satiating talk (and a few tasty culinary nibbles) with Ari Weinzweig about how these 18 lessons that can breathe life into any caring company, interested organization, or individual who wants to live a creative and fulfilled life! Each ticket includes a copy of this beautifully written pamphlet, which Ari would love to sign just for you!


November 5, 2019
5:30 pm - 7:00 pm
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