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 Join Us for Your Passover Dinner

Leave the cooking to us, but don’t leave out the tradition. Pesach sameach!!

Available April 22nd-30th

We can’t help you find the afikoman, but we can help you enjoy a special Passover dinner with ease. This holiday, skip the hours spent in the kitchen, and head straight to the dining room. The Roadhouse dining room, that is!

You’ll be able to focus on your loved ones while we whip up Passover favorites with a Roadhouse twist. Start with our Matzo Ball Soup, the Creole-spice seasoned matzo balls and rich chicken broth will have your crew ready to break out in song (no guarantees on it helping Uncle Saul sing in key though). Not to worry, we wouldn’t risk your Bubbe’s ire by forgetting about the classics—we’ll also be offering Chopped Liver and Gefilte Fish!

The hardest part will be choosing your main dish. Chef Bob has created three irresistible options to choose from, including Atlantic Salmon with Tarragon Butter; Syrian meatballs in a tamarind and sour cherry sauce; and Southwestern Tsimmes, a veggie-friendly traditional Ashkenazi stew with carrots, sweet potatoes, and chiles. 

Don’t forget to save room for dessert! You’ll want to enjoy a sweet end to your celebration with either a wheat-free light and lemony sponge cake with a caramelized meringue exterior, a moist, rich chocolate orange torte made with matzo meal, or vanilla coconut macaroons. 

Don’t Passover this special dinner, we want your celebratory meal to be spent just enjoying the time together with your family and friends.

From all of us Roadies, here’s wishing you and yours a Happy Passover!

The Passover Menu

Available April 22nd-April 30th


Creole Matzo Ball Soup

Matzo balls seasoned with Creole spices, served in a rich chicken broth.


Small $9.00/Large $11.00

Chopped Livers

Chicken livers puréed with onions. Served with hard boiled eggs, matzo, and a touch of Tabasco.


Gefilte Fish

Poached whitefish quenelles, served with onions and carrots.


Breakfast & Brunch

Matzo Brei

Scrambled eggs cooked with matzo, onions, and dill. Served with smoked salmon, sour cream, and garnished with scallions. 




Atlantic Salmon and Tarragon Butter

Farm-raised salmon from the Bay of Fundy, sautéed in olive oil. Topped with fresh tarragon and marash chile butter. Served with Carolina Red Rice and roasted carrots.



Southwestern Tsimmes (V)

Sea Island sweet potatoes, local carrots, fire-roasted New Mexico green chiles, chipotle, apricots, orange juice, cilantro and pine nuts.


Keftes Garaz

Syrian meatballs in a tamarind and sour cherry sauce, served over Carolina Gold rice with roasted carrots. Garnished with local micro-greens.


Zingerman’s Bakehouse Desserts

Chocolate Orange Passover Torte

A slice of moist, rich cake for chocolate lovers made with lots of dark chocolate, real orange oil, and ground almonds coated in a shiny dark chocolate ganache and more sliced toasted almonds. It’s a bonus that it’s good for Passover because the cake is made from matzo meal!



Lemon Sponge Cake (GF)

A modern twist on a Passover tradition – sponge cake! We’ve dressed up this tasty dessert with lemon curd between the layers and a caramelized meringue exterior. A pretty, flavorful and light ending to a Passover feast. Plus it’s wheat free!



Vanilla Coconut Macaroons (GF)

One of our favorite Passover treats, with a creamy texture and great vanilla flavor. It’s impossible to just eat one. By the way, they’re wheat free!



Italy Meets San Fran (Vegan)

Matzo bread served with world-class Italian Noccioliva chocolate-hazelnut spread and an assortment of fresh fruit. This dish is 100% Vegan!