Meet Our Drink Experts

Wine & Spirits Expert

Felipe Diaz

Felipe has been a server and bartender at the Roadhouse for over ten years. While he has always been a go-to person at the Roadhouse for his expertise on wine and spirits, Felipe has held a more integral role in our beverage program for the last several years. During this time, he has provided weekly wine trainings for our team, written several blogs about wines and spirits from our list, and has given us several live Instagram demonstrations of some of our favorite cocktails.

Felipe was also featured in Current Magazine’s Wine Guide 2020. He is especially excited about our recently revamped wine list offering select wines made by women and underrepresented winemakers in the United States. He says, “The rise of more women and people from underrepresented groups in winemaking has been a long time coming. It lets us experience a point of view and a creative approach that has previously been mostly unknown.”

We look forward to learning much more from him!

Wine Consultant

Stephen Satterfield

A self-proclaimed “Origin Forager” Stephen is a food writer, multimedia producer, speaker and founder of Whetstone Magazine, the ground-breaking journal on food origins, culture and anthropology.

Stephen is that rare food expert who is able to use the themes of food and drink as an entry point into an exploration of the human condition. Prior to his career as a food writer, he worked as a sommelier for more than a decade.

Stephen’s expertise was pivotal in helping us put together a wine list that is full-flavored and focuses on wines crafted by women and underrepresented winemakers, allowing us to feature a unique collection that reflects the diversity of America, a really great place to live, eat and drink!

“If you’re eating something good, that’s great! But if you are eating and drinking something good, that’s even better.”–Stephen Satterfield