All Roadhouse Memories

In 2023, we celebrated 20 years of great food and great service. Some of our favorite customers and Roadhouse lovers shared their personal experiences that we had the honor of helping create!

Kevin… First Visit: 2004

Sunday dinners became a winter staple for our family for a few years starting, I think, in 2004. Grillades and grits for the adults and mac and cheese with a chicken drumstick for the boys (3 and 8 in 2004). The routine was memorable, of course, but there was one trip in 2006 that we still talk about. Mom was out of town so it was just me and the boys. As usual there was some mac and cheese left over to take home, so that was boxed up and we were on our way. Just before Dexter Ave the older one asked me where the mac and cheese was. Good question. We circled back but we didn't leave it at the table. On the second try to get home the mystery was solved. The headlights shone on a forlorn take out container and Mac and Cheese spread out on a dark, frozen Jackson Ave. Another victim of Dad setting something on the car roof while buckling someone in,
The stark evidence of my failure is still recalled today, most recently on a 27th birthday dinner at the Roadhouse.

What sets Roadhouse apart from others in Ann Arbor: Easy – Service.
(and that guy who comes around and fills your water glasses and chats you up)

Chris… First Visit: 2003

When we finally paid off our house, we brought the whole family to eat there. What a delicious way to mark a huge milestone!

What sets Roadhouse apart from others in Ann Arbor: The RH has elevated the food conversation around A2…

Mary Margaret… First Visit: 2004

I have an August birthday and I start the month with a birthday celebration at Zingerman’s Roadhouse. One year we were so joyful that the people at the next table paid for our meal! Strangers can become friends here at the Roadhouse. I love coming here with family and often I visit by myself and everyone here is great!
Much love and continued success, Mary

What sets Roadhouse apart from others in Ann Arbor: The family atmosphere.
I have a photo if you want to see my birthday celebration at the Roadhouse.

Kayla… First Visit: 2004

I have celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, even just joie de vivre at the Roadhouse. But the first time I went to the Roadhouse is my favorite time. It was with my father; he wanted to do a special father-daughter night out. At the time, we lived close to the restaurant and wanted to try the new place where Bill Knapps used to be. He and I had a wonderful time together: laughing, eating the BBQ pulled pork sandwich, and just enjoying each other's company. Not only did we have great food, but my dad and I got to spend time together. My father passed away a couple of years after that, and I hold that night in a very special place in my heart all these years later.

What sets Roadhouse apart from others in Ann Arbor:

Leah… First Visit: 2016

After moving to the westside, the Roadhouse was mine and my sister's go to spot for after work cocktails. We also enjoyed the cheese flights, and the pulled pork with Alexander red sauce. It has continued to be a place we visit for special occasions and enjoy bringing friends too. We have met some wonderful people and made many happy memories.

What sets Roadhouse apart from others in Ann Arbor:

Barbara… First Visit: 2018

Having my southern husband state that the biscuits are the best he has ever had.
I fell in love since I looked up the Roadhouse after getting a cake for my mom's 80th birthday.
Now every visit to Michigan is also a visit to the Roadhouse for breakfast. I will be there next week.

What sets Roadhouse apart from others in Ann Arbor: Not just Ann Arbor. I live in Virginia. More restaurants serve great dishes from local farmers.
But your detail and research for not only the best local, but the best items in farms across the U.S.A.
You have the best products, the best cooks and the friendliest staff.

Ken… First Visit: 2004

It's not one memory, it's all of them honestly. My wife and I had been coming with friends for years and then brought our kids even as toddlers. Last weekend, we brought our high schooler(!) and puppy to dinner on the patio.

There are two memories that come to mind though. After a brunch visit in 2009, I emailed Ari becuase we had a such a great chocolate bacon gravy with biscuits and wanted to thank him and the entire staff for a great meal and he was gracious enough to share the recipe so I could feebly attempt to recreate it for family who can't get to the Roadhouse as often as we do. It's still a family favorite.

The other memory was randomly running into our best friends at the Roadhouse (neither of us live especially close) and finding out there that they were having a baby. The warm, friendly environment of the Roadhouse felt like the best place to share a special "family" moment!

What sets Roadhouse apart from others in Ann Arbor: The people. We've never had a bad or even unexceptional experience. The staff is friendly, open, and always willing to talk food or drink or just see how you are doing. I can't imagine we've only ever caught servers and staff on their best days and even when it is busy, they take their time to help everyone enjoy their meal and visit. Everyone seems to bring their best self to work and make the overall environment so positive. I swear the culture makes the food taste better!

Carol… First Visit: 2021

Omg the Roadhouse Burger and sweet potato fries are the best around!!!

Great chicken Salad

Love the salt and pepper shakers. Could spend all day looking at the different kinds

Happy anniversary!!!

What sets Roadhouse apart from others in Ann Arbor:

Suzette… First Visit:

July 10, 2019 I brought my goofy, huge Great Dane/Mastiff cross, Albert, to dine with me on the patio. Albie had the best time ever! He got bacon, and attention from the staff, and a frozen beef bone! He is a Roadhouse fan forevah.

What sets Roadhouse apart from others in Ann Arbor: It's all about the service and the quality ingredients.

Joe… First Visit: 2008

My wife and I had our first date at the Roadhouse on October 26, 2008. I won her over with the sweet potato fries. During our 7 years in Ann Arbor, we celebrated every anniversary at the Roadhouse. Even in California, we miss it every day!!

What sets Roadhouse apart from others in Ann Arbor: The best ingredients prepared perfectly. Better than Michelin service because the servers actually have personalities and remember you.