Our dinner menu is updated daily at 4:00 pm to include the evening's specials. Product availability is subject to change based on restaurant demands, and we do not guarantee all dishes will be available throughout the evening. Please ask your to-go specialist or server for items we might be out of. Parties of 13 or more will be presented on one check.


Ari's Pimento Cheese (V, GF)

A classic starter all over the South. A creamy spread of Cabot cheddar, Hellmann's mayo and chopped red peppers. Served with celery.

Sea Islands Sweet Potato Fries (V)

Sweet and hand-cut, twice-cooked and served with spicy mayo. Can be gluten-free.

Chili & Cheddar Fries

Our hand-cut, twice-cooked fries smothered in ancho beef chuck chili and topped with grated Cabot cheddar cheese.


A classic dish from Quebec served here at the Roadhouse! Hand-cut, twice-cooked fries, loaded with Kenny's Farmhouse Kentucky cheese curds and topped with beef gravy and scallions.

Roadhouse Corn Dogs

Natural casing hot dogs dipped in a homemade batter of Anson Mills' organic cornmeal.


Ancho Beef Chuck Chili

Pasture-raised beef chuck with black beans in an ancho chili broth. Topped with scallions.

Southwestern Vegetable Soup (V, GF)

Fresh corn and roasted red peppers in a rich sweet potato broth. Garnished with tortilla strips and avocado salad.

Beef and Vegetable Soup

Pasture-raised beef with carrots, celery, onions, potatoes and beef stock.


Roadhouse Garden (V)

Mixed greens, carrots, cucumbers and housemade salt-and-pepper croutons, served with your choice of dressing. Can be gluten-free (GF)

Classic Caesar

Whole leaf romaine lettuce, really good Caesar dressing with raw egg and anchovies, Sarvecchio cheese and salt-and-pepper croutons. Can be gluten-free.

Warm Spinach & Mushroom Salad (V, GF)

Organic spinach sautéed with Sartori goat cheese, shiitake mushrooms, shallots, garlic, fresh bell peppers, leeks and fennel in a brown butter vinaigrette.

Beet & Goat Cheese Salad (V, GF)

Fresh arugula, beets, red onion, and fresh Creamery goat cheese with red wine vinaigrette.

Kale and Pinenut Salad (V, GF)

Thinly shredded mixed kale with dried cherries, pinenuts, garlic, lemon, extra virgin olive oil and Sarvecchio cheese.


*Roadhouse Burger

Pasture-raised beef, dry-aged, grilled over oak, served on a Bakehouse brioche bun.

*Roadhouse Cheeseburger

Choose your favorite cheese from our all-American cheese list to add to your burger! Pasture-raised beef, dry-ag ed, grilled over oak, served on a Bakehouse brioche bun.

New Mexico Black Bean & Hominy Burger

No meat but plenty of flavor and texture! Spiced with roasted garlic, red peppers and onions. Topped with avocado salad on a Bakehouse brioche bun.

Pit-Smoked BBQ Pork Sandwich

Our traditional whole hog seasoned with your choice of barbeque sauce on a Bakehouse brioche bun with a side garnish of mustard coleslaw. • Eastern North Carolina Vinegar BBQ (GF) • Alex's Red Rage Tomato BBQ • South Carolina Mustard BBQ (GF)

Pit-Smoked BBQ Beef Sandwich

Pasture-raised front quarter of beef, pit-smoked then braised 'til tender. Served with Red Rage Tomato BBQ sauce on a Bakehouse brioche bun with a side garnish of yellow mustard slaw.

Pit-Smoked BBQ Chicken Sandwich

Hand-pulled free-range pasture-raised Amish chickens from Homer, MI in Red Rage Tomato BBQ Sauce on a Bakehouse brioche bun.


Roadhouse Mashed Potatoes (V, GF)

Hand-Cut Fries (V)

Can be gluten-free (GF)

Side-o'-Mac-n-Cheese (V)

Sautéed Spinach (V, GF)

Yellow Mustard Slaw (V)

Carolina Gold Rice (V, GF)

Anson Mills' Grits and Cheese (V, GF)

Bacon-Braised Collard Greens (GF)

BBQ Baked Beans

BBQ Hash


Atlantic Salmon

sustainably farm-raised in the Bay of Fundy, great grilled

Rainbow Trout

locally raised in Michigan, great sautéed

Georges Bank Sea Scallops

sweet, nutty, great sautéed

Acadian Redfish

delicate filets, great blackened


best sautéed or broiled

Limeade Swordfish

Fresh Block Island swordfish marinated in our housemade limeade and grilled over oak. Served over Jefferson red rice, sautéed with bell peppers, onion and corn. Topped with avocado salad and a grilled lime.

Creole Pot Likker Fish Stew

Creole-seasoned fresh fish, scallops, and mussels sauteed with potlikker (made with lots of bacon and ham hock) and Anson Mills' soft white grits and bacon-braised greens.

Fish & Chips

Beer-battered blue cod served with housemade tartar sauce, Roadhouse yellow mustard slaw and hand-cut, twice-cooked French fries.


Roadhouse Macaroni & Cheese (V)

Housemade bechamel sauce & lots of Cabot cheddar caramelized with Martelli pasta.

Pimento Cheese & Bacon Macaroni

All-out Southern comfort food. Italian made pasta caramelized with bechamel, applewood bacon and our housemade Southern pimento cheese. Want it vegetarian? Remove the bacon!

Fried Chicken Macaroni & Cheese

Our buttermilk fried chicken chopped and tossed with housemade béchamel sauce & lots of Cabot cheddar cheese caramelized with Martelli pasta.

Macaroni & Three Peppercorn Goat Cheese

Fresh, handmade goat cheese sauce with roasted red peppers from Roadhouse Farm, béchamel, freshly cracked black, green and white Tellicherry peppercorns and Martelli pasta, topped with a Zingerman's Creamery Lincoln Log crispy round.

Macaroni, Chicken & Monterey Jack

Ig Vella's Monterey Jack tossed with pit-smoked free-range chicken and freshly cut corn in our housemade béchamel sauce caramelized with pasta. Garnished with cilantro.

Memphis Macaroni

Red Rage Tomato BBQ sauce, pulled pork, caramelized onions and applewood smoked bacon. Tossed with Martelli pasta and topped with Sarvecchio parmesan cheese and scallions. This macaroni does not contain béchamel!


Mac and Three (V)

Roadhouse macaroni and cheese, Jefferson red rice, sautéed spinach, and Anson Mills' grits & cheese.

Grilled Carolina White Grits

Organic stone-ground grit cakes, heated on the wood-fired grill, topped with Cabot cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, roasted red peppers, and fresh corn, all sautéed with cider vinaigrette.

Stas' Pierogi Plate (V)

Potato pierogi from Hamtramck, sautéed in butter and served with sour cream, caramelized onions, and sauerkraut. Try it with applewood smoked bacon for $3.00!


*New York

10 ounces, boneless


bone-in 16 ounces

*Top Sirloin

8 ounces


8 ounces

*London Broil

6 ounces Flank steak marinated with Worcestershire sauce, shallots and garlic, best served medium rare.

*Chicken Fried Steak

Sirloin, tenderized, lightly breaded, fried and smothered


Buttermilk-Fried Chicken (Can be gluten-free)

Amish free-range chicken dipped in a black pepper-spiced buttermilk batter then deep fried. Served with mashed local potatoes topped with housemade chicken gravy and a side garnish of yellow mustard coleslaw. Ask us about making it gluten-free! Each basket price includes your choice of pieces. If you choose a breast, only one breast is included. There is a $4 charge for substituting any piece for an additional breast.


Pit-Smoked BBQ Beef

Pasture-raised front quarter of beef, pit-smoked, and braised 'til tender, served with Red Rage Tomato BBQ sauce, mashed potatoes and bacon-braised greens.

Pit-Smoked BBQ Pork

Traditional whole-hog barbeque made with hogs delivered direct from a local farm. It's pit-roasted for 14 hours, hand-pulled, chopped and blended with your choice of barbeque sauce. Served up with mashed potatoes and bacon-braised greens. Can be gluten free. Choose from: • Eastern North Carolina Vinegar BBQ (GF) • Red Rage Tomato BBQ • South Carolina Mustard BBQ (GF)

Pit-Smoked Spare Ribs

Niman Ranch pork ribs, cooked for nine hours, served with Red Rage Tomato BBQ sauce, mashed potatoes and a side garnish of mustard coleslaw.

Roadhouse BBQ Plate

Pit-smoked Niman Ranch spare ribs, pit-smoked beef with Red Rage tomato BBQ sauce, pit-smoked pork with South Carolina sauce, and pit-smoked chicken with Red Rage tomato BBQ sauce. Served with bacon-braised greens and mashed potatoes.