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A Culinary Collaboration from Across the Lake; Cornman Farms’ and Wisconsin Cheese

Wisconsin cheeses have an illustrious heritage of more then 160 years of quality and craftsmanship. During this long and rich history, the art and science of cheese making have been captured in time-honored traditions that produce cheese varieties of unsurpassed excellence.

Today, thanks to support from the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, the phrase ”Wisconsin Cheese” conjures images of small farms and cheeses made by hand using traditional, artisan methods. So, while they hark back to traditional cheesemaking methods, Wisconsin’s cheesemakers are making some of the best cheese in the country and looking forward to a future of incredibly flavorful eating from America’s Dairyland.

Collaborating from across the lake, Chef Alex has created a menu highlighting Cornman Farms’ with several award-winning Wisconsin cheeses in each course.

The dinner will be accompanied by hand crafted cocktails featuring Death’s Door spirits from Middleton, Wisconsin. Inspired by the Death’s Door passageway between Washington Island and Door County peninsula, Death’s Door Spirit’s shares in the Roadhouse’s passion for staying local and is committed to working with local farmers to create exceptional spirits.

Mountain Cheese and Ziege Zacke, Dunbarton Blue and Bandaged Cheddar

Cream of Celery with Juustoleipa

Jimmy C’s Lamb Burger with Wisconsin Quark Tzatziki
Cornman Farms’ Tenderloin Steak with Limburger

Roasted Potatoes with Rush Creek Reserve
Scalloped Rutabaga, Carrots and Celeriac with Casa Bolo Mellage

A Chocolate and Cheese Pairing

Zingerman’s Bakehouse Pretzel Rolls with Handrolled Butter

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