Great Grains

Really Wild Wild Rice

Really Wild Wild Rice

It’s probably been ten years now since I wrote the chapter on really wild wild rice in Zingerman’s Guide to Good Eating. But this all-American food has been on my mind and my table a lot again of late, inspired in part by dialoguing with Meg Noori, who teaches Ojibwe at U-M and is doing amazing work to get language down in writing and up in regular use. (Email me and I’ll fill you in on my covert campaign to make Michigan the “Aanii State.”) But in the moment I’ll share a couple or six key points about what makes this totally traditional aquatic grass (yes, wild rice is not a rice; you can chalk the name up to more confusion from the early European settlers here—they thought it looked like rice so that’s the name it got.) so good.

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Ari’s Favorite! Roadhouse Bread

Ari’s Favorite! Roadhouse Bread

One of the first things that English settlers did when they got to North America was to plant wheat. Bread was the taste of home that they had a hard time living without. While the wheat growing didn’t always work out, they always found ways to make bread. Though few American s know it, this is one of the first, and to my taste, the best, of old time American breads.

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