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By Joanie Hales

8th Annual African American Dinner

Af-Amer-Tent-Art-Final-for-posterThe Jemima Code: Great Cooks Share Their Secrets with special guest Toni Tipton-Martin

For more then 100 years the image of black cooks has been synonymous with a plump face, wide grin and bandana, known as the Aunt Jemima trademark. For 30 of those years author Toni Tipton-Martin has been gathering well-known and obscure details real African American cooks – not the myths. She has dedicated her career to researching, writing, and speaking to audiences about this complex history, dishing up wisdom and recipes from previously undiscovered cookbooks to shed new light on the meaning of classic African-American cuisine.

Toni and Chef Alex have created a menu featuring many classic African-American foods. Toni will share her knowledge and stories at the dinner, introducing us to many great African-American cooks and their contribution to this rich history and cuisine.

Read Ari’s interview with Toni Tipton-Martin here.

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