It's not one memory, it's all of them honestly. My wife and I had been coming with friends for years and then brought our kids even as toddlers. Last weekend, we brought our high schooler(!) and puppy to dinner on the patio.

There are two memories that come to mind though. After a brunch visit in 2009, I emailed Ari becuase we had a such a great chocolate bacon gravy with biscuits and wanted to thank him and the entire staff for a great meal and he was gracious enough to share the recipe so I could feebly attempt to recreate it for family who can't get to the Roadhouse as often as we do. It's still a family favorite.

The other memory was randomly running into our best friends at the Roadhouse (neither of us live especially close) and finding out there that they were having a baby. The warm, friendly environment of the Roadhouse felt like the best place to share a special "family" moment!

What sets Roadhouse apart from others in Ann Arbor: The people. We've never had a bad or even unexceptional experience. The staff is friendly, open, and always willing to talk food or drink or just see how you are doing. I can't imagine we've only ever caught servers and staff on their best days and even when it is busy, they take their time to help everyone enjoy their meal and visit. Everyone seems to bring their best self to work and make the overall environment so positive. I swear the culture makes the food taste better!