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Kevin… First Visit: 2004

Sunday dinners became a winter staple for our family for a few years starting, I think, in 2004. Grillades and grits for the adults and mac and cheese with a chicken drumstick for the boys (3 and 8 in 2004). The routine was memorable, of course, but there was one trip in 2006 that we still talk about. Mom was out of town so it was just me and the boys. As usual there was some mac and cheese left over to take home, so that was boxed up and we were on our way. Just before Dexter Ave the older one asked me where the mac and cheese was. Good question. We circled back but we didn't leave it at the table. On the second try to get home the mystery was solved. The headlights shone on a forlorn take out container and Mac and Cheese spread out on a dark, frozen Jackson Ave. Another victim of Dad setting something on the car roof while buckling someone in,
The stark evidence of my failure is still recalled today, most recently on a 27th birthday dinner at the Roadhouse.

What sets Roadhouse apart from others in Ann Arbor: Easy – Service.
(and that guy who comes around and fills your water glasses and chats you up)