Sep 16, 2010 | Events

Heirloom Harvest #4: Preserving our Harvest

Special Dinner #97

The surplus of the harvest is preserved.  Tomatoes are roasted and peppers are wood-fired, vegetables are pickled, fruits are cooked and preserved.  In the field, greens are left for the frost to sweeten them and garlic is strung into braids and dried.  Potatoes and squash are kept dry and cool in cellars.  Preserving our local harvest means that we find traditional ways to keep the full, bright flavors of the summer and fall for use through the winter.

James Beard-nominated Chef Alex Young began a garden 5 years ago now as a way to spend more time with his family and also make really great food. What began as a plot of heirloom tomatoes has doubled in size each year and now includes livestock such as pigs and cattle.  This month, he’s cooking a flavorful dinner reflecting the flavors of the autumn fields.

Never fear, BBQ is still here!We're still serving up really good American food.

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