“Chicken-Fried” Mushroom Sandwich at the Roadhouse

Like a fried chicken sandwich but … maybe even better?

By Ari Weinzweig

If you’re looking for a great lunch, swing by the Roadhouse. We are cooking up maitake mushrooms grown in the thumb region of Michigan just as we do our Buttermilk Fried Chicken, so that they do indeed taste like a meatless “fried chicken sandwich.” Add a good bit of the Roadhouse Green-Chile Ranch dressing (made with fire-roasted, hand-peeled New Mexico green chiles we source from just south of Santa Fe), and slices of pickle, all served on a brioche bun from the Bakehouse. It’s a compelling combination of crunchy, spicy, cool, and creamy! 

To be clear, there’s no actual chicken involved here. The “Chicken-Fried” is a referece to the batter in which they’re dredged and the way they’re deep fried! They are, to my taste, absolutely delicious! Buttery, meaty, moist maitake mushrooms grown in northern Michigan. Spiced with that totally terrific farm-to-table Tellicherry pepper from Kerala on the west coast of India. Like the Roadhouse’s more famous Fried Chicken, the heat from the pepper is prominently present upfront but not overpowering. 

When you taste the “Chicken-Fried” Mushroom sandwich (I’d order it with Cajun fries, myself) I forecast that you will find yourself really happy that you did! We also have “Chicken-Fried” Mushrooms on the menu as an entrée, with mashed potatoes and (vegetarian) pepper gravy. It’s been winning raves from vegetarians and meat eaters alike!